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          Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu Shenxing Photoelectric Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

          0510-86660896 13752927186 13771610541

          Contact Us
          ADD:198# Yangzi dadao ,jiangyin new harbour city,jiangsu province TEL:0510-86660896 13752927186 13771610541 LiuRong FAX:0510-86662518 P.C:214446 E-MAIL:shenxing@www.e-tv.com.cn

          LEDLuminescence One Hole Operation Light

          LEDLuminescence One Hole Operation Light

          Product characteristics

          Type: Shadowless Lamps                                  



           1.Luminescent one-hole operation light is swinging upright, with graceful shapement. 

          2.Can adjust it's height from 1000mm to 1600mm 

          3.Light holder can adjust flexibly angle 90 all around,

          4.Foot switch is on the base, convenient to use,


          5.Applied to be additional lighting in operation room and hospital department.





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